Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Wishing Tree of Life begins

Yes, its a new project!  A tree of life, but also a wishing tree.   Margaret Summerton and myself  are once again working with the community of the City of Greater Dandenong to create an art installation for Harmony Square, right in the centre of town for Cultural Threads 2016.

This lovely white blossom tree is based on the traditional Tree of Life which crosses so many cultures.  But, this tree is more than that, it is a truly powerful wishing tree.   On August 1 Margaret and myself will help the community write their wishes and attach them to the tree trunk.  Many more will be added during Cultural Threads in the month of August.  Hidden in the leaves and  flowers on the tree, and in flowers in the poppy garden underneath, the tree will already hold the wishes of the community written with the help of Sayraphim Lothian on Australia Day 2014.  

The trunk is started

The butterflies are being painted and knitted

The flowers are made

Leaves have been made

It all comes together in the last week of July when on what is bound to be a cold, wet and windy day, Margaret and I will be  braving the weather and working on the challenges of the installation .  We can plan, think of everything(?), but you never quite know what will happen on the day. And of course there is a deadline............ the launch of Cultural Threads 2016 is on July 28th! 

Meanwhile there are stories to tell about the making. Stories about  working with the community of the City of Greater Dandenong and their fabulous  Arts  and Culture Department - the first story will be  the first workshop with the Social Knitwork and the making of the butterflies. 

For more information on the exciting art happening in the city of Greater Dandenong during  the month of Cultural Threads  https://www.facebook.com/thehivegreaterdandy/