Friday, 30 August 2013

Sooooo our project is so big we need not only a ladder but our wonderful helper Dean as well 

So here's a reverse clue - note the curve......

And why would we need a sign like this?

Find out at Montsalvat on Septembr 15th!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Well a little bit done on the BIG  project - here's just one glimpse for now.  Question is, at this rate can we finish by the Open Day on September 15th.


Now when you come on  Open Day  you might, or might not, make friends with
these two very noisy geese

Or, at the end of the day you might be lucky enough to see this.....

Tomorrow there might just be a few more clues to our BIG project, which, I have to say is too big to hide so its already attracting attention. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


plus this and many other bits and pieces

are raw materials for our BIG project which we start on tomorrow!


And just in case a bit of yarnbombing and the list of delights on the Montsalvat website isnt enough of an attraction here is a sampling of why you must  come to Montsalvat anyway. 

and of course the inevitable

Flirting with a chook on the other side of the chookhouse wire just outside our studio - one of many you will be able to visit.  

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

  As you drive into Montsalvat something a little different greets you at the roundabout..

then as you get closer

and closer

and closer

Margaret just rocks!
If the truth be told I was home too late last night so here is yesterday's post today.....

Back to the horse ! Inside Margarets red white and blue horsey longjohns is a plaster horse made by Judy Jacques for an exhibition at a Montsalvat jazz festival.  You will remember some posts back that Judy visited us just after Margaret started work on yarnbombing  the horse.  Judy was able to fill us in on some details of the mare's past.    She was inspired by her own horse "Max" and has sent us some photos which complete the story.

The beginning.....

Then the festival exhibition

The up onto the hay loft which is where we found her

Thank you so much Judy for scanning and sending these prints so that we will now have the full story of the mysterious Montsalvat mare.  

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Woo hoo,  another great day!  Visitors everywhere, even so managed to get lots of work done.  This afternoon took a break,  passed the Barn with the sound of the Flinders Quartet floating beautifully  as I wandered down to Jeanette Dyke's Open Studio and launch of the Montsalvat Jewellery school.  

Just managed to catch Jeanette and  her and helper Caroline on a very well earned break between visitors...

Just look at those beautiful benches and neatly laid out tools. But what you cant see in detail  are the display cases of jewellery to die for.  Up on the floor where I was standing are the enticing desks for students 

You will remember last Friday's stealthy yarnbombing in the dark -  well here's the lead in and today's result
.Quite boring you say, well not really because this turned into ....
which today turned into yet another peacock confrontation......(how many judgemental peacocks have I shown now?)
But this is not quite the opinion I might have expected,and I dont quite know how to interpret this......
But then you know what,  his opinion doesnt matter, I like my little recycle floral arrangement in this old wheelbarrow.  Even more chuffed when in broad daylight there is a pretty pink geranium right next to it!

Jeanette was saying what a lovely feeling it is to run into people wearing her jewellery, must have been karma because as I headed for the car after an incredibly pleasant day I ran into  Valerie who had over the years purchased at exhibition several of my scarves and a bag.  Such a really nice finish to any Sunday!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Today you enter  Montsalvat through the Barn Gallery.  Once upon a time  the Gatehouse used to be the main entrance.  You paid your money at the little window and then entered through the turnstile.

Margaret had been gazing oddly at this turnstile for many, many days.  I should have recognised the signs.  Balls of wall being put aside, a certain amount of muttering and  frowning  as we arrived and left.........

Come the late afternoon, the light starts to fade, the temperature drops  and voila!  


It was getting even colder, the odd spot of rain (couldnt get the camera wet) so I retreated inside and watched through our doylie curtains

By now its so cold Margaret has added a vest, beanie and blanket to keep going - but then when her mind is made up there's just no stopping her....

Jo who is responsible for the beautiful gardens stops by to check at the end of her day

And now Montsalvat has a beautiful lacy rainbow turnstile!

There is something definitely different about Fridays. Right down to the  internet just not responding too well  - so yet again here's last night's post today!

  Late in the afternoon afternoon painter friend Linda MacAulay dropped by to say goodbye before heading north to the red centre for a stint of painting and workshopping.  Check out  this amazing artist - colour like you've never seen.

Anyway she decided we needed a photograph of the two of us together. Here's the one that most represents  a Friday afternoon in the studio.......

Then as the darkness settled in there was a little more stealthy yarnbombing 

We headed off into  what appeared to be a normal night 

Then on into the car park only to find it full of knights and damsels.........just never quite know what is going to be round the corner at Montsalvat.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

You may remember last Friday's blog where I drew attention to the stealth of the yarnbomber.  This is what happened that night.  
That night Margaret tagged a seat outside Chris Wynne's studio.  Chris is our studio neighbour.  Not only is he the most amazing luthier, he runs the Montaslvat guitar making school.  He also helped move the horse and has dragged my work under shelter from the rain when I've been away from the studio and generally been all round nice and helpful.

Before I put up today's significant shot. We are both a little sad today, the Nillumbik Prize Exhibition has finished so here a couple of mementos our work in that exhibition.

Now for today. Margaret, ever intrepid, no matter the rain and the freezing cold she just  had to complete today's yarnbomb exercise.  I guess the weather  made it kind of stealthy!

Tomorrow you'll see just what actually happened!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

At last time for a test flight - will it, wont it.....

It works (PHEW)

So the feathers are carefully removed for painting and I set to work adding to, and painting his crest.  Only problem I misread the label on the tin and had mistakenly use oil paints.  I hate the smell of oil paints so out the door he went......

Pleasantly surprised the colours aren't far off - especially good since I was using only donated wools. Bit of attitude showing here ........

 Meanwhile indoors to paint the back of the feathers to be.  Going along beautifully until the paint ran out!