Thursday, 15 August 2013

Off to another fascinating day at Montsalvat.. I think a lot of the world found Montsalvat fascinating today as well.  

We arrived nice and early with Margaret's visitor from Japan.

I think that might have set the mood for the day as there were 35 visitors before lunch.  We have become very skilled at working and talking at the same time and are really enjoying the process.

 Then more visitors after lunch. Yep talking and working - the horse is having some lace stitched on the end of her front knickers. 

 I discovered during the afternoon that our lovely studio was built as a dairy in 1943.  Later it became a residence then a studio.  In quiet moments its a great feeling to imagine the past  life of the building and I hope we add a little bit more to its history.

Although she was adjusting the back of the horses knickers Margaret felt like she was sitting on a milking stool - and that was before we found out.  In between taking these photos and chatting I was adding wings to my peacock - several people thought it was an ostrich, one an emu and the other day two people thought it was a sheep.  Admittedly it does have four legs and is a bit fluffy - however a peacock chair would fall over with only two legs!  Of course I forgot to photograph it!

But thats Ok because it will be something interesting for another day!

The last bit of lace trim goes on the horse and we leave, once again  tired but happy after another really enjoyable Montsalvat day.

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