Sunday, 11 August 2013

Good morning.  The internet was so slow last night I spent three hours  trying to get a post up, when it did go up it was all topsy turvy and in the wrong order so I took it down again.  Grrrrr!

So here's a  Sunday morning precis.  

Yesterday we took time out of our afternoon to go to the Red Chair talk by Mathew Quick in the Barn Gallery at Montsalvat. Quite a privilege to get the "behind the picture" thinking of such an extraordinary artist.  A lot of people had given up the first Sunny afternoon in weeks to come along, have a glass of wine and some very nice nibbles and enjoy hearing  an artist  speak to their work.

The picture of Mathew with his portrait "Closing the Gaps - Hamish Blake" was taken by Upfront Pictures at the opening of the 2013 "Hidden Faces" exhibition. 

We put in a very good day's work too.  Measuring, cutting, stitching and organising preparing for some more stealthy yarnbombing.

Not a good photo though, taken at the last minute as we locked the door at the end of a long day. Forgot to take photos yesterday - just too busy!



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