Thursday, 8 August 2013

Its certain that when you work on any kind of art project no two days are going to be the same. And again when  peacocks are around no two days are going to be the same either.

Not the kind of footsteps one usually hears on the skylight......

 Today the horse had to be all stitched up.  It was necessary to make sure that Max's longjohns were not going to fall off. In return for good behaviour she was awarded a flower break.

This was after a morning where Margaret spent the second of two days painting a cream cloth with a coloured border. As she started on the horse stitching I added tassells.

Once again thanks to those who have donated wool -you have  extended our palette enough to be able match the green, cream and violet.  

Two days ago I promised some different gadren tools.
I cant throw away my faithful old friends from the garden when they fall apart.  This fork has helped me deal with many a weed.  May it have a warm and cosy retirement.

Likewise my trusty trowel.

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