Thursday, 1 August 2013

Well today turned out quite differently to planned - thats part of the fun.

We are funding this project ourselves so it was with great delight that we looked through a wonderful present of wool  and part knitted pieces from art quilter Dijanne Cevaal (Musings of a Textile Itinerant).

We did plan to work on the ufo/wip but the horse ended up taking a good part of the day.  Time for its move into the studio, at last!
Will it, or wont it...........

Turned around and settled at last.
Margaret and Dijanne get to work, we are going to yarnbomb this beast or bust!

Expending all this nervous energy demands a quiet little sit  in the empathetic chair alone in the Gatehouse at the end of an exhausting day.  Tomorrow, more horse, the chickens and whatever surprises Montsalvat brings.

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