Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What  do you do when confined at home with a cold  Why you knit of course for starters and you knit.  And you play with your blog.  If you non-knitters trawl down this  short post you will find a reward at the bottom.

We are trying very hard to use only  recycled materials - this makes for some interesting(?) choices.  Some of you will recognise a wool  or two you have given us in these pictures.  Getting the right colours is not as easy as I thought.  Walking around after the birds, and watching the play of light I've discovered they are not the colour you'd think they are from picture books, fabrics  and paintings. 
So wrong side is right stitch. Colours will be a peacock in evening dress - that way the wools we have will stretch to do the job! Who said it had to be realistic!!!!!!!

OK patient non knitters, and knitters too, try clicking on  Montsalvat Project page on the menu above.  I've got adventurous and made a little story of "the horse" photos.

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