Thursday, 29 August 2013

Well a little bit done on the BIG  project - here's just one glimpse for now.  Question is, at this rate can we finish by the Open Day on September 15th.


Now when you come on  Open Day  you might, or might not, make friends with
these two very noisy geese

Or, at the end of the day you might be lucky enough to see this.....

Tomorrow there might just be a few more clues to our BIG project, which, I have to say is too big to hide so its already attracting attention. 


  1. So lovely to meet Margaret yesterday at Women of note.
    I'm loving what you're doing & can't wait to see what the "BIG project" looks like.
    Best wishes
    Jo Ludbrook

    1. Hi Jo, lovely to meet you in your studio with those wonderful fabrics to die for turning into cushions to die for... Hope we see them at Montsalvat's Open Day, cheers, Robina