Saturday, 3 August 2013

Winter was definitely back with a vengeance today but it didnt keep the Montsalvat visitors away, many stopped by, curious to see what we were doing.    A  howling cold wind and even our cosy studio was struggling to keep warm. 

Yes Margaret is painting the front of an old fan and when the paint dried we had no excuse but to go outside...........

So now you have it, the unfinished object/work in progress is becoming a palm tree
Once again husbands come in handy - sawing off the excess pipe holding together the trunk.
So there it is, despite the cold, cold wind, we have an almost finished palm tree.  It swayed beautifully in the wind, it leaves bobbing up and down.  Just as we went inside again two visitors came round the corner and burst out laughing. SUCCESS -  what we are about is making people smile.

Just wait til its finished!


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