Sunday, 25 August 2013

Woo hoo,  another great day!  Visitors everywhere, even so managed to get lots of work done.  This afternoon took a break,  passed the Barn with the sound of the Flinders Quartet floating beautifully  as I wandered down to Jeanette Dyke's Open Studio and launch of the Montsalvat Jewellery school.  

Just managed to catch Jeanette and  her and helper Caroline on a very well earned break between visitors...

Just look at those beautiful benches and neatly laid out tools. But what you cant see in detail  are the display cases of jewellery to die for.  Up on the floor where I was standing are the enticing desks for students 

You will remember last Friday's stealthy yarnbombing in the dark -  well here's the lead in and today's result
.Quite boring you say, well not really because this turned into ....
which today turned into yet another peacock confrontation......(how many judgemental peacocks have I shown now?)
But this is not quite the opinion I might have expected,and I dont quite know how to interpret this......
But then you know what,  his opinion doesnt matter, I like my little recycle floral arrangement in this old wheelbarrow.  Even more chuffed when in broad daylight there is a pretty pink geranium right next to it!

Jeanette was saying what a lovely feeling it is to run into people wearing her jewellery, must have been karma because as I headed for the car after an incredibly pleasant day I ran into  Valerie who had over the years purchased at exhibition several of my scarves and a bag.  Such a really nice finish to any Sunday!

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