Friday, 2 August 2013

To start with its not your average horse. A horse of a different colour!  Yesterday pink and blue, today red white and blue! And, I think she's got it!  The horse's personality is changing!
Its now wearing  undies.
Then there's the four legged peacock.  This is the backview, The wire is gone and now there's a body shape.  Its going to have fluffy knickers.
Then there was the choice of wool for the legs.  I could not remember their colour.  So out into the cold and the rain, and of course they were in hiding.  Eventually Mrs. Peacock appeared and hers were a lovely pale grey.  I am making Mr. Peacock and could only hope that his legs were the same colour. I chose a slightly darker colour just because there was a really beautiful yarn amongst the wools we were given yesterday.

Nightfall  - peep in our door, its rather colourful.

The Phrynne Fisher film crew were still hard at it
And we just jumped up and down to celebrate the end of another great Montsalvat day

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