Sunday, 18 August 2013

Same old Saturday night problem, it must be peak hour in the blog world - just couldnt get anything to load! Grr.  So here we go with another Sunday morning for Saturday entry.

Didnt get to Montsalvat til the afternoon yesterday - we were yarnbombing in Hurstbridge. 

We were in Hurstbridge because there'll be a lot of community yarnbombing there this week.  Its the Wattle Festival a week from today and  the town is being prettied up. 

 Last year it looked lovely, I'm told there are plans for more and more this year.  

The centre of town last year.

We checked the weather forecast and yesterday looked like the best of the next few days and........

got to work.....

in the wind

Almost done - needs more leaves and flowers, lots of yellow wattle to go on over the next few days.

And the added bonus - the shadows look really pretty too!.

The Montsalvat afternoon was very, very busy, lots of chatting, back there later this morning to get on with the peacock.......


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