Thursday, 22 August 2013

You may remember last Friday's blog where I drew attention to the stealth of the yarnbomber.  This is what happened that night.  
That night Margaret tagged a seat outside Chris Wynne's studio.  Chris is our studio neighbour.  Not only is he the most amazing luthier, he runs the Montaslvat guitar making school.  He also helped move the horse and has dragged my work under shelter from the rain when I've been away from the studio and generally been all round nice and helpful.

Before I put up today's significant shot. We are both a little sad today, the Nillumbik Prize Exhibition has finished so here a couple of mementos our work in that exhibition.

Now for today. Margaret, ever intrepid, no matter the rain and the freezing cold she just  had to complete today's yarnbomb exercise.  I guess the weather  made it kind of stealthy!

Tomorrow you'll see just what actually happened!


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