Tuesday, 27 August 2013

If the truth be told I was home too late last night so here is yesterday's post today.....

Back to the horse ! Inside Margarets red white and blue horsey longjohns is a plaster horse made by Judy Jacques for an exhibition at a Montsalvat jazz festival.  You will remember some posts back that Judy visited us just after Margaret started work on yarnbombing  the horse.  Judy was able to fill us in on some details of the mare's past.    She was inspired by her own horse "Max" and has sent us some photos which complete the story.

The beginning.....

Then the festival exhibition

The up onto the hay loft which is where we found her

Thank you so much Judy for scanning and sending these prints so that we will now have the full story of the mysterious Montsalvat mare.  

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