Saturday, 24 August 2013

There is something definitely different about Fridays. Right down to the  internet just not responding too well  - so yet again here's last night's post today!

  Late in the afternoon afternoon painter friend Linda MacAulay dropped by to say goodbye before heading north to the red centre for a stint of painting and workshopping.  Check out  this amazing artist - colour like you've never seen.

Anyway she decided we needed a photograph of the two of us together. Here's the one that most represents  a Friday afternoon in the studio.......

Then as the darkness settled in there was a little more stealthy yarnbombing 

We headed off into  what appeared to be a normal night 

Then on into the car park only to find it full of knights and damsels.........just never quite know what is going to be round the corner at Montsalvat.

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