Saturday, 24 August 2013

Today you enter  Montsalvat through the Barn Gallery.  Once upon a time  the Gatehouse used to be the main entrance.  You paid your money at the little window and then entered through the turnstile.

Margaret had been gazing oddly at this turnstile for many, many days.  I should have recognised the signs.  Balls of wall being put aside, a certain amount of muttering and  frowning  as we arrived and left.........

Come the late afternoon, the light starts to fade, the temperature drops  and voila!  


It was getting even colder, the odd spot of rain (couldnt get the camera wet) so I retreated inside and watched through our doylie curtains

By now its so cold Margaret has added a vest, beanie and blanket to keep going - but then when her mind is made up there's just no stopping her....

Jo who is responsible for the beautiful gardens stops by to check at the end of her day

And now Montsalvat has a beautiful lacy rainbow turnstile!


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