Monday, 19 August 2013

The BIG question has always been if I put feathers on my peacock how would we get it out the door, and if we solved that one how on earth would it fit in the car!

Every time I've been asked its been "oh well if I knit the feathers
 and make a collapsible frame like a fan.........."

Fortunately for all of us Margaret had one of those lightbulb moments. "Ah now high in my storage space over the toilet I have a very large fan ......"

Brilliant thinking 99.  And the minute I saw this fan I knew it was better than right.  A beautiful cherry blossom tree on one side and a not so marvellous drawing on the other.

The cherry blossom tree side painted silver, plus some lace to make the feathers long enough - perfect for the peacock's back facing side.

Under inspection again - this time from the inanimate peacock obviously anxious to see his feathers - believe me, in less than two weeks this weird object will indeed be a beautiful peacock! 

And because I'm hooked on it here's a detail of said fan showing the beginning of the lace extensions.  When I say lace, each round piece is cut from a chinese crochet tablecloth.  I think it will pick up well on the circular filigree  in the fan.  This will be the back facing side of the peacock feathers, and,  I love the cherry blossom so much it will be developed further on the back of the peacock.  After all as it has four legs I think I have the freedom to forget all logic and let my imagination run wild.

The front can wait for another day.

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