Sunday, 4 August 2013

I was constantly diverted today as people stopped to photograph the palm tree. It was amazing just how many visitors to the restaurant at Montsalvat made the most of the oppportunity to wander around the buildings and gardens.   And that was despite the cold and the rain!  

So I was glad that we have  made our entrance bright  and welcoming.

You saw the palm tree yesterday.  Well it suffered a bit in the rain last night and its fronds became rather heavy and started to droop.  But its still cheery!

The welcome sign went out on Friday (it only took a week and a day).
Then today on went the window box.
Many years ago I photographed an entrancing window box full of red geraniums down by the Long Gallery. Long before that I  wanted a window box and this particular geranium box set the bar.   I even developed monoprints based on it.  Well now, at long last,  I have a window box. It may not be timber and it may not be geraniums but ITS MY WINDOWBOX !  The flowers are wool crocheted around doylie centres and the leaves are a sandwich of a yellow and a green  cotton lace knit cardigan freemachined  with soluble fibre and then cut into shape.

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