Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Every so often the subversive undercover nature of yarnbombing (harmless granny graffiti) just gets into the blood and we just have to do a bit of harmless tagging. Last week the handles on the taps inside and outside the chookhouse were looking cold and we just couldnt have the gardeners suffering from chilly hands. 
We were rewarded with lots of smiles as people walked past the taps. A reminder that the fun of yarnbombing is infectious.

If I were to come back as a chook I would choose to live at Montsalvat.  They  have a mudbrick gothic cottage with honeysuckle growing over the entrance,thick  garden mulch to scratch around in and lots of people around  to  supply a variety of scraps.  

Every good home has a name (today's tag)

Cant work the name out?  Tomorrow's tag will make it clear.

The palm tree has been fed, watered, given lots of tlc - and  recovered well from the droops.

And finally I have received a request for a more detailed photo of my window box flowers.

I love this picture, the three different types of wool used are clearly different textures, and the free machining on the the cotton knit leaves stands out.  But what really makes it is the old window frame at the back and the stone window ledge underneath.

Tomorrow I am hopeful of finally getting the fluffy knickers started for my peacock, a new tag to explain "TSOORRUO" and some curious garden tools.

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