Thursday, 19 January 2017

Feeling very warm and fuzzy....

Wow, wow and wow, thank you Diamond Creek, and thank you to my patchwork network and their friends and relatives.  

Only collected from two stops in Diamond Creek and my lovely Star Quilters in Warrandyte  and look

my heap of stitching has more than doubled!  Dont try and count, there are 39 forget me nots, I know cos I tied them last night and I celebrated by adding  two more birds!  

And, still 13 days left before the last collection, Diamond Creek you are going to have the prettiest kniffiti garden!

Correction on yesterday , by the way, you cant collect or drop off at Panton Hill at the moment, the Living and Learning Centre is closed until the 30th January. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Look whats been happening

Its been a long time since the last post...sorry folks, our December got quite out of control BUT many things have been happening.

Lots of lovely knitting and crochet rolling in,

Pieces of the installation are coming together

The first panel for the tank is well on the way

The chandelier for the pavillion is done

by night

and five pillar wraps are ready........these three from Araluen, thanks guys, such lovely workshops.


the last kits have been dropped off, and THE LAST PICK UP IS ON JANUARY 31.  

INSTALLATION begins in the second week of February, keep an eye out for yarnbombing workshops 

See you in Diamond Creek