Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I was a little late arriving at Montsalvat today. Is this a disapproving stare?

On the other hand, the very busy state of our workbench may not have come up to best standards of tidiness.
The umbrella frame at the back was the sad looking black umbrella in my empathetic chair post .  Its slowly being converted into a magic reading light for the chair. You can just see a beautiful cobweb made by Alex.

Its not unusual to see a film crew at Montsalvat, its a perfect location for so many different fantasies.  The last two days there has been a big shoot on.  Yesterday evening the whole front of the Great Hall had been lit.  This evening as we left the geese were watching with mixed opinions as the film crew started bumping out.

Tomorrow its the ufo/wip, the chicken and the horse!!!!!

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