Sunday, 21 July 2013

With only four sleeps to go until we move into Montsalvat Margaret and I are thinking about food!  In fact we both enjoy food a little too much so when I found the ultimate in low calorie macaroons we thought we must keep a stock of these in the studio.

Browsing last week I found a yummy copy of "Knitting & Crochet" and this morning I knitted  according to the instructions, at least I thought I was.  I am not noted for following instructions exactly, in fact I have a reputation for bending, twisting, avoiding and varying instructions to produce something completely different.  These are almost right!  Just that I ended up the right sort of size with double the number of pearl rows and far too much filling.  But then if I were cooking macaroons they would be over the top and just a little disreputable like my knitting. 

Next go will be more like the original - the magazine makes them look so pretty...............

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