Sunday, 28 July 2013

Oh dear slipped up again. This time its Saturday's post on Sunday. Followed by Sunday's post before I have dinner tonight!

 Got home just before midnight - too late, too tired to upload photos from camera and phone.

Why so late? 
We had a studio warming party.  Lots of lovely food and wine - thanks  everyone.   Got a bit distracted and forgot to take any photos until well over halfway through the night..........

The party overflowed into our tiny kitchen - Mary-Lou Pittard, Shaaron Smith, Margaret Summerton and Chris Pittard   - all Nillumbik Open Studio artists (more about them all in the future)  

Not too late for our grandaughter Henri with her mother Alex.  Remember the cobweb in front of the Wesley Anne - made by Alex !   I am lucky enough to have its  miniature.  Its part of the  Gardener's Reading Room installation in the Gatehouse at Montsalvat.   Come and check it out - just peek through the tiny Gatehouse window!
Right now lovely smells are coming from the kitchen,  I guess  Sundays post will be a little later tonight after all......... 

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