Monday, 29 July 2013

For some time now Margaret has had the idea of a doily curtain running through her head.The idea kind of boiled over on Saturday after lunch - gotta be done before the party tonight!

Remember those beautiful doilies spread all over the carpet in an earlier post ? Well with the evening deadline looming and with Margaret as chief designer we set too and spread the doylies over our workbenches and set to work.
The theory was that we could link them with just a few corner stitches here and there.  It turned out we had to hand sew right around each one - that was the moment when the deadline seemed just too close.  But not only did we get it done, we got them hung too.
and we have a very happy Margaret!

We are both thrilled. These are all op shop doylies.  We both have heirloom doylies languishing in our cupboards.  Our homes  might  just be asking for  similar treatment.

Our door has a whole new character

and inside the play of light is fascinating
 And just to finish off - the back window of the gatehouse - designed so that you can peek in and see the installation inside.
A quite elegant yarnbombing I think.


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