Monday, 14 October 2013

I think maybe some self discipline is needed now - I have had a patch of what maybe I could call bloggyslack!

Lots of little stories and a few bigger ones simmering away - but its hard to go near the computer when the sun is shining, spring is bursting out and the garden calls.  I'll start with  last Saturday which was sunny and warm and we took advantage of the weather to spend some time yarnbombing again. 

 Some of you will know that Margaret and I have a project steaming along in Hurstbridge.  Based on a photograph of "The First Train to Allwood" it is a yarnbomb graphic representation of that photo.  We have an amazing 63 volunteers - all who've committed time, energy, and hard yakka to produce pieces of knit and crochet for the project.  

As the pieces are  given to us we spend time at the fence attaching and joining.  Its often very social, toots from passing cars and chatting to passers by.  Its great to work on something that makes people smile!

We are now well through the guard's van which will be the end of the line.  Just a matter of finishing it off, then patching and piecing a few bits in between followed by a bit of sprucing up and voila! and other expletives, we'll be finished .  Over two years in the making and Christmas should see the project well and truly finished!

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