Friday, 29 November 2013

I know I was sewing while I was watching, but I'm sure I didnt look away for long.  Even so I didnt see any snow at Montsalvat on Phrynne Fisher tonight.  Did anyone else?

I'll swear that last week's trailer for this week had the front of Montsalvat in snow - did anyone else see that?

Or did updating my grandchildren's Christmas quilts just take my attention for one moment too many?

Whatever,  Artists Open Studios IS on again this weekend -  the last weekend for this year.  And dont forget to visit Margaret Summerton -  she will be at her studio in Rose Avenue, Hurstbridge between 11 and 5, just follow the signs from the Main road.  And you will absolutely  be able to see some of her yarnbombing from Montsalvat  plus her multimedia works.  

AND we will absolutely be yarnbombing again at Montsalvat in 2014!  Watch out!

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