Thursday, 5 June 2014

Its on again folks!!!!!!!

what is ? well,  tell you in a moment.  Meanwhile here's a diversion, more vegie dyes from Melton. I'm not going to tell you what they are - you'll just have to come to a class and discover for yourself!

But there's no guarantee you'll get the same result - thats the thing about organic dyeing, its subject to seasonal and weather variation.  It makes every piece of fabric a one off - how exciting and how precious does that make every little piece of fabric you make!

Now for the class photo - my photographer's hat took over, almost that is, I forgot that you need more than  two shots per person in a group to have even half a chance that everyone will be looking at the camera with their eyes open!  It was the last thing before Sunday's pack up.  A few had already left because of other obligations......and that crazy end of class feeling had set in........

So, how many of you have had the chance to wear a lampshade on your head and dress yourself up in cushions and fabric that you have made?

If you said no then your chance is coming.....yep the class will happen again in October...see you there 


  1. Forgot to say tomorrow, yes I am committing to another blog post tomorrow, will be photos of some of the finished products!

  2. Looking forward to the next class …. next time I'll try to organise something sooner :)

  3. Hello Robina, I looked for the photos from the wagga workshop last October but alas not to be found? I was going to post my update to the specific date.

    I will post where I am at with my wagga here if that's okay. Please note I have provided a link to your website in my post.

    Thank you again for the inspiration. I look forward to sharing my completed contemporary wagga with you.

    Best regards Karen Ellis