Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Couldnt help this - but I discovered this on Princes Bridge on Friday last - I'll send a knitted something  to the first person to tell me exactly where on the bridge it is.

Maybe it just caught the light but I think my mind was focused on textures after leaving the Jean Paul Gautier exhibition at the NGV  St Kilda Road.  That carving has always been there, I just havent noticed it before. 

The blockbuster exhibitions just go on getting better and better and become more and more overwhelming.  Still kicking myself that I left it so late I couldnt go back a second time.  

And that folks is a knitted dance costume.  Soooo brilliant.

So maybe I  was influenced by the poses of the models , but suddenly I noticed statues that had never really come to the front of my mind - or once again was it just the way they caught the light.


So walking around to the front.....

Not just textures but all those vertical lines.

Just love a gallery visit, always kicks the brain over!


  1. I'm pretty sure the carving is on the section of the bridge that is next to the new Hamer Hall external stairs...(embarrassing if I get that wrong!)... If it is there, the reason you never used to see it is because it was covered with ivy and was dark and dingy for years before the deck was rebuilt and the stairs installed. T x

  2. Absolutely right City Garden - yes it would have been embarrassing wouldnt it. I used to love that dark and dingy ivy but only from street level and there was always the risk years ago of being soaked from the fountain when never it was windy.. I have to say that I love it even more now that those stairs are there and you can see it properly. In fact I really enjoy being in that whole precinct.

    So City Garden country Garden a bit of knitted something is coming your way.

    1. Phew, lucky I got that right! Thanks R, I look forward to my knitted surprise :)
      Glad you're enjoying the precinct. I love the way the changes opened up that section of the bridge too. T x

  3. Sherry Terry Striedel from USA - - that area around the bridge has changed a lot since you returned to your homeland. You came near working from photos so of course a little knitted something will find its way to you.