Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Bye Bye Poppies

Time to wrap up the poppies - in fact to say bye bye poppies!   But only partly, they're off to new lives and locations as they are presented to the volunteer groups who help to create them.

With Margaret Summerton  I  had  many wonderful, and often very moving times working within  the city of Greater Dandenong to create these lovely flowers.  You may remember from earlier posts the huge cross section of this amazing community that took part in braiding, knotting, stitching and knitting to have forty poppies ready for the Anzac Day ceremony in Harmony Square. 

 Poppies for Peace was a community project so a few different locations made sure that everyone who helped was able to enjoy them.

the Drum Theatre

then  a visit outside Dandenong to the  Montsalvat  Arts Festival

And from there to the Gallery space above the library overlooking Harmony Square where the story started.

 So now for the final de-installation in late January.........

Once again Dandenong turned on the weather for us, BUT, this time we were working indoors!  And, or course, nobody complains about rain in January!!!!!!!

So down the ladder I go.............. just had to attempt  the mid air arabesque.....

Now to slide them on their hangers along the gallery and to the top of the ladder and into the library.....

Naturally they twisted and turned and rebelled but after pulling, twisting and  with Tony and  Greer tugging at the other end we managed.  

And so they were cut down .......

into the lift.....

they showed some reluctance to the idea of being stacked.......

Bye bye poppies.............but they will go to good homes

Our first project with the City of Greater Dandenong was the yarnbombed columns and seats for Cultural Threads, then the Poppies for Peace, then White Ribbon Day.  We have been inspired by this community, so many threads from such diverse creative and passionate people to make up each experience.  

We'd particularly like to mention Jackie Gatt, Greer Davis and Koula Kalaitzoglou from the City of Greater Dandenong, you've been so much fun, so patient and so encouraging, so willing to stand in sun, wind and rain to support us when needs must.    Thank you!

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