Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day of the Lotus

Yes folks the movie has arrived.  After a "mad dogs and englishmen" sort of day in my temporary outdoor studio dividing my time between yarnbombing a chair and photographing  a waterlily,  I ended up with rather a lot of photos.  After some heavy deleting (since digital I indulge in the luxury of overshooting)  Still there was an  overabundance of pretty pics.  The solution came from Tony, my other half and partner in our Upfront Pictures business. 

 "Make a movie out of them" 

"You do it, your idea" 

So he did  

Going to be interesting and hopefully lots of fun creating a knitty version. I want a Bollywood  waterlily, with personality!

In fact I want at least five, maybe ten......... and the deadline is?  End of March. 

Better go and buy some wool......

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