Wednesday, 5 February 2014

First Train chugs along in the heat

Well it must be the hottest summer I remember.  Our poor knitty  train in Hurstbridge is covered in dust - its been just so dry. 

One hot evening just a little more was added ...........

Many thanks  Karen Joy for these elegant carriage doors.

Then a little further along, the empty pig wagon has an occupant......

we have a lovely  fat pig already for market.  Just to make sure he isn't bored, and fattens up a little on the way he has a nice big apple.  Thanks Lois Needham for the the pig and apples.  He wont be so free for too much longer.  The cage to keep him in place is on the way!

Its hungry work putting these pieces up in the late afternoon so a quick trip to Burke's for fish and chips.  Yummo.

On the way back, oh dear fancy being so hungry as to forget  to photograph the apple tree - so here's a quick shot from the car window in passing, no way were the fish and chips going to wait for a proper photo.

A new tree, old and new apples and leaves blowing off the tree as the train races towards the city.  Who knows, another might land in our pig's cage!

More up soon, when the weather cools....... when?


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