Saturday, 26 April 2014

High Pressure ?

First Train has been chugging along for quite a while now and the giant  white  doyley  is mellowing.   Whilst we never expected it to be pure white for long we have been surprised by the amount of grime it collects.  In the past we have been very lucky to the CFA drop by and give it a good scrub.

They  have a big truck full of water and high pressure hoses

A very big thank you to the Hurstbridge CFA volunteers, you've been marvellous.

Today  it was our turn to have a go with a very big bucket, lots of bottles of water, two brooms, soap, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lots of enthusiasm.

And our own high pressure spray?

And a lot of train to scrub

Well we got the engine and two carriages scrubbed.  As it was backlit we couldnt really see just how effective our cleaning was.  There is a residue of bicarb, vinegar and soap on it now just waiting for the lots of rain forecast for Tuesday. We wait with bated breath for Wednesday to see just how effective this treatment is.  If it works there are plenty more carriages to practice on.

We like the mellow look , its part of the train settling into the fence. But beating the grime is important too!

We also added a crate and apples to the tree -it definitely needs a few more leaves and maybe one or two more apples!  Its an ongoing project, two trucks and and guard's van to finish yet.  I'm sure we'll find some  extra details to add after that. 

Great fun to have Tess and Lloyd from the Baldessin  Press drop by and say hello as we worked.  They  like Margaret, will have their studios open over the next two weekends as part of Nillumbik Artists Open Studios.  More on that later in the week.

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  1. Another great blog post Robina. Looking forward to your next project.