Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twas but a lonely carrot........

More of the carrot in a minute but following on from the boiling turmeric of a few days ago, just look at these.....

three different pieces of cotton and one piece of silk organza. 

So yesterday, an idyllic afternoon boiling the cauldrons, small perhaps for cauldrons, but it is magic what happens inside.

 So some cotton is being prepared for dyeing and all alone except for three pieces of silk is a purple carrot.

Such a beautiful gentle lavender grey

then put the fabrics together 

I'm just testing, ( and getting very excited)  a few bits and pieces for my class at Melton.  On the first weekend we'll be dyeing with organic dyes, mostly from kitchen ingredients, but we'll brew up some forest on the barbecue outside too.

On the second weekend we'll do some mark making on our dyed fabrics  to create a more sophisticated contemporary finish.  Then,  create a lampshade and a cushion.  We'll finish these off with a bit of embellishment.   

The dates have been changed now to the two weekends following Mother's Day, not including it as before.  You can book by contacting  or phone 9747 7200.  The class is limited to only 15 participants. 

Nope, this is not actually connected to my class.  Its all to do with the exhibition Margaret and I are  having in September.  You will just have to come and see
"Who Needs Permission"
and find out what and why!

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  1. Those colours are beautiful! I harvested a little bit of turmeric last weekend, perhaps I should dye with it instead of cooking with it!