Saturday, 3 May 2014

Today I washed my marbles

No I haven't lost them, they've just been sitting under the clothesline in the dust.  But more of that in the fullness of time.

Before I washed my marbles I dropped in on Margaret - the world's best cookie maker.  Why? Well its the first of two weekends for the Nillumbik Artist's Open Studios.  Dont miss it!!!!!!!  painters, potters, printers, sculptors, textiles, glass and more.  

Margaret is one of the Hurstbridge studios.  She's not just my fellow yarbomber, she's also a mixed media artist.  So here's a glimpse.......

Bernie the boxer dog appears to be a little baffled by the woolly horse.

Margaret loves dogs, but she also paints people and fish (I just love that fish painting you can see) and there's some gorgeous collage (below).  She's also fond of birds - just have a look at that tree!

Check out the doylie lamp!

Did I mention the yarnbomb palmtree outside the window..........the best way to see it properly is to visit.  (you might even be lucky enough to find a cookie).  Just google Nillumbik Artists Open Studios and find Margaret and many other fabulous artists to visit (and shop for Mother's Day) tomorrow and next weekend. 

And now for my marbles, they are very pretty. All the same they're  not just a pretty picture - they are integral to some of my dyeing.  Thats why I was washing them - had to get the mud off before I make some samples to take to my workshop.   The only way to find out what they're for is to come along.  Melton May 17,18 and 24,25.  Book through

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