Monday, 19 May 2014

Day one - a chilling start....

Yes folks, we started our workshop with the raspberry dip I talked about in the last blog - a  taste of what was to come with organic dyes the next day .  Everyone was so eager to get their test piece into the water that I didn't even get the shot focused..

Then we got into a day's painting  - using sun dyes indoors - they work beautifully just as paints, its just a shame it was too windy to do any imprinting outdoors.  A great bunch of students, from complete beginners to some who'd had classes with the best textile practitioners and everyone very willing to experiment.     

If you look at the centre back you can see that the raspberry dip  is showing some colour in less than an hour.

Then one of many adjustments - a great way to move dye around!

We experimented with lace as a resist, and later as texture.  Op shop doylies were one of the laces - 
this student tried something completely different...

After heat setting it was time for some texturing with  Shiva Paint Stiks

Different people,  totally different fabrics. The idea was to come up with a collection of fabrics to make a cushion and a lampshade cover.

 Every person in that workshop had at the end of the day done their own experimenting and each come up with a completely individual  range of fabric to suit their own home.  I just picked these at random, everybody's was worth showing. 

For me personally, it was a very satisfying day, so great  that everyone should be so individual and come up with so many lovely fabrics..  more soon....


  1. As one of Robina's student during the weekend all I can say is, "I had a fabulous time and learnt a lot about natural dyeing. I am looking forward to next weekend.
    I prefer workshops where we don't follow a pattern but learn techniques which allow us to experiment.
    Thank you, Robina!

    1. Thanks Jeann, it will be very interesting as we unwrap all the little bundles from Sunday. I really love the unpredictable surprises in organic dyeing.

  2. yum - what delicious colours!

    when are you doing the next lot of workshops?? (she said hopefully)

  3. Just noticed that's my creation in the photo. The little rolled up package of red and yellow. I made a cushion with this piece. And I agree with Jeann it was great to experiment.