Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ash, a sock and an elastic band

These objects are all connected to fabric dyeing, meanwhile.......

I absolutely love painting silk and cotton - serendipity is a key factor.  Weather, air temperature, water quality, and my own mixing of colours and a few secret tricks mean its  always its new and exciting.    A secret , or two, will be revealed in my workshops at Melton.  These fabrics are waiting to be made into a sample cushion and lampshade.  

I also love the mysterious behaviour and the delicate tones of eucalypt dye - this is just one silk scarf dyed from  forest floor - and yes we'll do a forest brew in my workshop.  

Detail with imprint of a red box leaf.

Now to the sock, ash and the elastic  band. 

 All are integral to preparing a treatment for cotton fabric before it is eucalypt dyed - a whole new positive reason for cleaning out the fireplace.   

It was cold and wet last weekend - take pity on our poor Nillumbik Open Studios artists.  They didnt stay home by the fire - they were there enthusiastically opening their studios.  If you didnt go last week, dont miss this weekend!

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