Monday, 28 July 2014

I love street art !

Well today we started the installation of our public art project for the City of Greater Dandenong.  Street art is definitely a social occasion - next project I am going to dress appropriately for the occasion - that is when I work out what "appropriate" is!

Meanwhile we started on the small scale stuff....

then as we worked we chatted some more

Many conversations later the bicycles started to arrive as fast as we could stitch

And the finished rack proved really popular

Deceptive sunshine - the wind was freezing!!!!!! It stole the yarn every time we threaded a needle - but like good little street artists we soldiered on.

But we did it - added my best (so far) yarnbomb bicycle 

And left - watch out Dandenong, we're back tomorrow and this square will look very different!  Just a clue :  weather permitting we will have a man on a scissor lift to help!

postcript.  Just to make a fun day perfect, by the time Margaret left me at the end of the drive the wind had dropped, the sun was out, and  a friend broke off from ant eating to  greet me.

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