Monday, 21 July 2014

The Open Door

Arriving for our second workshop for Cultural Threads in Dandenong we  had a good feeling even before we stepped inside the Open Door centre for creative spirituality..there were pretty plants everywhere, and a lovely garden.

We showed the stitching group our green and purple blanket from Tuesday and without hesitation they took up their needles  stitching away to make our red blanket.

The pace increased

We even got some bunting made - at speed too

We went back to the studio to finish off, tired but happy 

Two down - three to go!!!!!
and the deadline is Tuesday!!!!!!!

We had lots of fun  - knit just does that to people - and we are really looking forward to meeting  the Open Door  art group on Wednesday to work on our lovely yellow blanket. 

Tomorrow is pink with Noble Park Primary school parents group - looking forward to meeting you all.


  1. Love love love this … where there is art there is life :D

    1. Oh Karen it just gets better and better, we've met some amazing people

  2. Another great blanket finished. Looking great.

  3. Thanks Linda, more to come.........