Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Who Needs Permission? - day one of the install

The afternoon of day one installing, a beautiful empty space just waiting....for  ......

Yes waiting for us to start yarnbombing  - and once again its a warm and friendly way to go.  People wandering in and out of the library just couldnt help smiling and laughing.  Just wait til tomorrow night!

But then we had to take a break, the rain got louder and louder and turned into hail.....we patted ourselves on the back.  This time we're installing indoors  - in Dandenong we installed in icy wind and we de-installed in the rain. Indoors is such a luxury! 

It got heavier and darker and heavier and the gutters were overflowing like waterfalls...

But back to work,  then a quick rest to decide our dinners before we left....

You might be getting a bit of an idea of what we're up to - just wait til tomorrow night!!!

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