Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Who Needs Permission - Woo Hoo We're IN

We started the day in the usual  organised  way that you install something different to the last thing you did. Railings finished, most of the poles covered, time for bunting!

Despite  the tempting smell of coffee drifting in from the cafe down the corridor we persevered.

After raising Hung Out to Dry there were  many bicycles.....

And  they were hung quite quickly, lots of fun deciding which one to pick first, or second or......

More on the bikes another time.....its enough to say the laughs and delight from library visitors cheered us on as our hearts sank looking at all the rest to be done.

And we did it!!!!!!!  Many thanks to Joel and Isabelle, not only their help but their good cheer made it a pleasure to get through all our stuff!!!  Chairs, banners, peacock, sewing machine, The Birds (lots of them), cushions and of course a draught board .  

Some of you will remember "There Goes the Neighbourhood", Margarets  shortlisted piece for the Nillumbik Prize in 2013, its here , not in the photograph, YOU have to come and find it,  take a seat to look at the video inthe shade of the palm tree, then get a little exercise playing draughts  (handle the pieces gently please, cherries and strawberries bruise easily).  

Who Needs Permission, Eltham Library Community Gallery until October 6th.

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