Monday, 24 October 2016

From Thread to Thrive

IF WISHES WERE ...., Well then  I'd have finished my posts on the Wishing Tree - but for now  that will have to wait for another day because......  


Yup, I've  wanted to yarnbomb, kniffiti in  a public space and I (well actually you as well because you will be part of it) am  about to.  I've always preached about getting permission  (OH&S issues)  Well now its better than PERMISSION, its a COMMISSION.   And, everyone can be part of it - knitters. crocheters and stitchers, and helper/installers.

The designs are done, this is Thrive Community Garden.  Its in a beautiful position,  right next to parkland running long the Diamond Creek.

 this is the design

Flowers will be knitted and crocheted.  The illustration shows existing flower  samples which are not really quite that big. Its a big  tank - so we are going to need to make  lots and lots of flowers..  There are many designs in many colours on the drawing - knitting -  board,  

and this is the barbecue pavilion in  Rotary Park in Diamond Road.  Its right next to the netball courts and a lovely new playground.

and these are designs

I have used the same flowers on each post cos these  are the test samples already made.  I think I would like to keep the pink roses for the water tank and use red and yellow  roses on the pavilion, maybe some orange zinnias , blue cornflowers??? because when you turn around this is what you see - so we need lots of lovely colour

And, in between there's a bike path so..........I wonder

how many ...........

DIAMOND CREEK (such a lovely name) - together YOU and I are going to make this parkland a diamond in the crown of kniffiti (yarnbombing).

Workshops will be held in the Rotary Park near the pavilion, in the Thrive Community garden and around town.  To book a workshop contact or phone 0409 977 563.,gov,au/ThreadtoThrive

Yarn and instructions will be available at workshops and pick up and  drop off points points around town - more on that soon

DEADLINE - we install in the first week of December!  So, one and all please, please, please get ready to start knitting and crocheting and then we can start stitching

You dont have to wait for our yarn or live in Diamond Creek to be part of this -  instructions will start being  posted on line tomorrow , so find your hooks and needles, some 100% acrylic 8ply yarn and be ready! Check this space  email us for a delivery point or postal address.

Stitchers - as soon as there is enough knitting and crochet there will be  workshops to  embroider, applique and piece together,  and, for even more fun, join us for the installation.


The more knitters, the more crocheters and the more stitchers the MORE beautiful our kniffiti garden!

p.s. HOORAY for the wonderful Star Quilters  who have already started - and lassoed their friends and relatives as well - so already, we have knitters in Chirnside Park, Warrandyte, East Doncaster, Blackburn, Box Hill and more.  WHEE!!!!! rock on kniffiti

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