Friday, 28 October 2016


Oops I forgot this last night.......workshops (free, fun, relaxed, easy   and materials provided!) start November 5th. 

You'll learn a few yarnbombing techniques, make flowers and vines 

 For quick reference  this afternoon I will be  putting up a Thread to Thrive workshops page separately .  I'll update it every time something is changed or added.  Also, I'll post on it as soon as we know  if an outdoor workshop needs to be moved to the  wet weather venue.

we'd love to see you there, bring a smile and come and 

- play with some yarn

- have a yarn 

- and in December you can yarnbomb too!!!!!

First workshop - November 5th , 9am - 1pm, rotunda area, Rotary Park, 2 Diamond Street, Diamond Creek.  We (you and I) are going to yarnbomb some pick up and drop off bins to make them so beautiful everyone will want to fill them with lots of lovely knitting!

There will be examples of flowers, and plenty of lovely yarn  to pick up..... in general lots of yarning going on.......... See you there


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