Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Quite simple really

All we  (you and I) need is more of this  

I have to say that this was all made by my lovely patchwork group, their friends and relatives too, this week and instead of stitching today they knitted!  Bravo the Star Quilters.

to make this (so easy and SO much fun))

and this

and this

and this

all of which  make this


Informal free workshop this Saturday, 9am - 1pm  a lot of  happy yarning going on.  Stay five minutes or up to  four hours,  have some fun, pick up some yarn, some instructions, knit or crochet, have a go at some yarnbombing.  All because we (you and I) are  yarnbombing the Thrive Community Garden water tank and the Rotary Park pavilion in December.

Better than permission, its a commission!

Never yarnbombed before? Nows your chance, YOU can be a street artist.

We were going to work in the park but, oh dear, more wet and windy weather is forecast,  so we have moved the venue to Diamond Creek Living and Learning Centre,
119 Cowin Street, Diamond Creek.   9am til 1pm

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