Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Less "oops" .......

The oops debate over doubles and trebles could go on forever but there is room for everything in our "From Thread to Thrive" kniffiti  garden.

On the left we have doubles, on the right we have trebles.  I love both!  

The leaves are one 25stitch knitted  square squeezed and stretched and twisted then pinched in the middle.

For the textile nerds, the flowers on the left and the centre on the top right Panda Magnum premium 100% acrylic yarn was used.   Tough but nice and easy  work with.  Its the same yarn used in the "Poppies for Peace" project in Dandenong.  It has stood up to outdoor exposure really well.

  The crochet chain and the embroidery and flowers on the left were all done with 100 % acrylic yarn grabbed from anywhere on the run. The colours are bright and shiny but the yarn is inferior to handle, it splits easily and is not as easy to manipulate, it remains to be seen how it will hold up in the weather.  I intend photographing all yarns at invervals through the summer to compare how they hold up.

Now a new version of the same crochet flower,  details can wait til another day - but  when your son's girlfriend says "Can I help" and you stupidly ask "Can you crochet?" and you get the answer "A bit but not for a while"  Then you are given  this

and  you say to yourself," I can do that" and you end up with 

Without  doubt, crochet is not boring!!!!!!!!!!!

So just how many variations on a theme of my initial design are we going to get?

Want to be a streetartist? Then dont forget to run down to the Diamond Creek Community Centre, or the  Diamond Creek Living and Learning Centre or the Diamond Creek Community Bank Stadium and pick up your kit.  There's only a couple of weeks left before we start joining the pieces together.  If you're using your own wool  email me for the postal address. 

Here is another nerdy aside. As a professional photographer I have spent years explaining to  people about the built in flourescers in fabric dyes that look gorgeous  to the sensitive  human eye but do not register in the camera. As a result  often when you photogaph clothing, or in this case yarn, what you see is not what you see in the picture!   The blue in the top left is actually a purple/brown  to the eye and  the deep red has a pink toning.   

The only difference this makes is if you compare the two - and its why some colours look  great when you look in the mirror and look different, or even worse dull or muddy in a photograph.  They look great to other people when they look at you too, just the camera isnt able to see it that way!

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