Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A day with a difference - I took the day off and went to see "Monet's Garden".  Its always inspiring to go to the NGV anyway and for once I took in only the blockbuster exhibition because I thought the mood would be lost if I looked at anything else.

So many paintings I hadnt seen before and a completely different aspect to the artist.  Started by looking close at brushstrokes then found myself an hour later going round and round at a distance - the picures looked so different from each angle and meant so very  much more at a distance.  What really got me in though was his attempts, and success, at capturing the mood and feel rather than the reality. Oh wow!

It inspired me to experiment once again with my photography.  Back in the dark ages when film was used and the negative had to be spot on  ago I was given  a national award for an impressionist portrait that earned my reputation as a taker of fuzzy pictures.

The trick was to stretch a piece of black stocking over the lens and use only very high speed film that was a minimum of six months out of date. This gave a soft grainy effect and the blacks became navy blue.  I've almost been able to replicate  it  on the computer - although its still a little too sharp

However Monet is not reduced in colour, just delicate at times, savage at others.  Also I was blown away by the fact that he allows so much white. 

 So here I go experimenting with the garden at Montsalvat. I am absolutely not trying to recreate Monet.  Who could?  I'm following the example of trying to get into the spirit, rather than the reality  - capture some of the romance, the feel of a timeless place with a perfumed garden.

This is the back of  The Residents Gallery

Could the back of any chookhouse be more romantic.

The romance of the painting tradition at Montsalvat - as I walked through the garden on a lovely day - there behind the trees was a painter.  Could there be a more  pleasing sight. 

So these are a few quick experiments  after my brain blowing experience this morning.  With time I hope I can develop a more sophisticated result - but that will have to wait until after Open Day the 15th of September.



  1. Oh my- I love the dreamy look in your grand daughters' (?) gaze- wonderfully done!

  2. Thank you, that was eighteen months ago. She broke her arm fairly badly just a week ago and has been a real little trooper.