Monday, 16 September 2013

Well a glorious sunny day for Montsalvat's Open Day on Sunday.  

We put on our "Montsalvat Artists" aprons and celebrated with a photograph to prove that we did actually get everything finished in time!  Note the clean floor and everything is TIDY!!

Outside the door , 9am and people are arriving - Sue, Sue. Amy and Joe looking very festive with bright red umbrellas.

Children start queueing to collect their maps for a treasure hunt to count our yarn bombings , return to the studio and collect a chocolate frog.  

Between looking at exhibitions, studios, eating, listening concerts people rest on the daisy covered lawns  entertained by buskers.

Others enjoy our bright and cheery  yarnbombings 

Resting in the Gatehouse Retreat at the end of a busy day

Whilst in the studio we should have been charging  "posing rights"  - the horse and peacock were kept very busy standing still and smiling sweetly for very many of the nearly 1300 visitors to Montsalvat. 

What a day - and in the words of some very wise person - "we all went home tired but happy".


  1. Was a truly fantastic day … great to see you both and a huge congratulations on the incredible yarn bombing … it definitely brightened Montsalvat up with the unexpected and unusual places your talented ideas appeared …. just loved it xo

  2. Wonderful to see what you two came up with. Every day was a joy to behold what you'd done the previous day. I'll miss you.
    Jo Ludbrook