Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tomorrow is our last day in the Gatehouse Studio at Montsalvat.  Tomorrow is also Montsalvat's Open Day so come and see us before we disappear!

So we decided between frantic working moments to have some fun.  These visitors wanted to be photographed under the palm tree.

and then their friends appeared...

and then  they found Margaret on a ladder fixing her birds

  And then they  found the wire heart we'd decorated for the gardeners.......

This yarnbomb piece has been great fun  - its tailor made for "selfies".  In fact if you come along tomorrow you can join the many who are using lots of our  yarnbomb pieces for "selfies".

Tomorrow children can follow a yarnbomb trail - count them - and  come to the Gatehouse, tell us how many you find and you might just win a chocolate frog.

Not satisfied with tourists we decided we had to yarnbomb a person.  So off on the hunt.........

Dont sit down for a second when we're around!

We can now declare that Sigmund Jorgenson is an ARTIFACT!

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