Thursday, 12 September 2013

Well so many pictures today  it could remind some of a family slide night!!!!(That dates people huh!)

So here's a pretty picture just because it is!!!!!!!

 Montsalvat has a custom of weekly  shared lunching dating back many years. Today we joined the gardeners and volunteers for lunch in Matcham's   kitchen.(this Sunday there will be Rick Nelson's  film screenings in the kitchen)  Very sad for us as its our last Thursday.

I could hardly eat for the view out the window

These wonderful people do so very much to keep Montsalvat looking good, they are great fun to be around and have added such a lot to our time there.  So a week ago we purloined a wire frame from the back of the greenhouse with a view to a little yarnbombing......

So come afternoon tea we decided to return it

The amazing and wonderful  gardener Jo just had to check the woolly flowers for perfume.

  Then back to the studio for a little more work ,  but on the way had to pass Sue Thomas"s conservatory studio to be tempted inside by her sister  Jo to see the luscious fabrics.

And I kind of liked her pins

and then I made the mistake of looking out the window into the next greenhouse

And then I turned around and wow - you've  just got to come on Sunday and see these luscious things for yourselves

The evening light was just too good to be true so I checked out some blossom and.......

our Wedding Tree

We so love what we've done on this tree, but there are one or two little details we'd like to add - time permitting.......  What I most love is the  way the fine lace of the doylies echoes the finely etched lines in the tree bark.

And just  to finish  - another pretty picture!!!!!

So you see you have just got to come to Montsalvat's Open Day on Sunday


  1. Thanks for a not-too-bad photo of me on there.
    Miss you and your colourful personalities at Montsalvat. Hurry up & come back.

  2. Miss you to Jo, you helped make it fun for us!