Saturday, 7 September 2013

These arriving "home too late to blog" habbits seem to be on the increase!  

Yesterday was heaps of fun (I think) standing on a stepping stool working up in the branches of the Wedding Tree.  Have to say a very big thank you to Kerrie Kaskaminidis for her donation of doylies.  Its enabled us to cover a very large amount of tree.  Two small branches to go and it will be done!.

No pics, too intent on getting finished before it got too cold and the light went!

In the morning - much more work on the peacock's fan.......

Now all the white bits are silver and the tiny shiny looking dots on the flowers are bling!

I also managed to drop a little tag in a pond with people all round and nobody noticed!  Today I will try grab a photo of that too!

Today another day and......maybe another tree!

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