Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another night where I could only get on to the internet intermittently and soooooo slowly  - and I'm only 30 km from the GPO! So once again here is yesterday.......

I know I promised more horse story tonight - sorry folks, I got so sidetracked by the glorious weather and visitors and more that I completely forgot to photograph her.  She is looking amazing, you should see her twinkletoes.  However the good news is that I know she'll be even more amazing by the end of Thursday - just wait and see!

Today was another of those beautiful  days -and only  just  two weeks left at Montsalvat so I had to make the most of the surroundings and take my work outside. 

So I sat on the ground glueing my fan/peacock tail,  smelling the perfumed air, and listening to all the birds.

Spring is in the air for all the birds now.  Lots of squabbling and arguing over partners.  The geese are the funniest, noisest and most violent.  Lots of squawking, chasing and beating of wings.

Then comes the evning when its time for them to settle down and we get the usual parade past the door.

They start on the lawn behind the the old hay store which houses the guitar making school ..

As you can see they were on the move pretty fast.

So, it being evening its  time for us to head home to our own paddock.

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